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               First grade realness

‘Allo, my name is Hannah and I am a writer.

There is a  black-and-white photo magnet on my fridge  with Jack Kerouac’s face and “I HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER ANYONE EXCEPT MY OWN CONFUSION” written in stark black letters next to his serious, 1950s-handsome-dad face.

I’ve always loved the sound of that. I learn so much from people who choose to wonder at the world.

BLACK AND WHITE HEADSHOT OF JACK KEROUAC WITH AFOREMENTIONED QUOTE ON ITIn this space I offer my curated confusion about this crazy world we live in. I wish there was a three-word unifying theme for my blog, but there is not (let me know if you locate them, please).

I love bold personal style, traveling, all things goddess related, and living out loud. My life often bridges seemingly disparate and incongruous worlds: Fashion and anti-racist dialogue. Spirituality and irreverent humor. Weight-lifting and sensuality.

I’m currently getting my MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Pittsburgh and learning flamenco routines on Sundays.

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