Bad Sandy


**All photos by Victor Medina of Dream Out Loud Photography.**

It took me until 8th grade to realize that Grease is kind of a terrible movie.

When my middle school teachers didn’t feel like teaching hormonally unbalanced kids, they’d pop one of the oldies but goodies (Grease, Ferris Buellar’s Day Off, Remember the Titans) into the VCR wheeled from classroom to classroom on wheels that were never straight enough.

And almost every lip sync featured a Grease song choreographed by the student body association. Summer Lovin’ was always my problematic favorite.


This dress up day is all about the Bad Sandy look. When she tried to impress cute-as-fuck John Travolta with her criminal good looks and waspish waist.

I know: but Danny Zucco tried to change too!

Yeah, but the movie did NOT end with him still wearing that dorky varsity sweater.

Le sigh.


I love Bad Sandy’s look (this was what Donna the makeup artist for Dream Out Loud Photography called my look). And this will not be the last incarnation of it for my dress up days.





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