Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Hello Beautiful People!
I’m hosting a workshop starting October 9, 2017, details below:

Mondays : Oct 9, 16, 23, 30, and Nov 9 (7-8 pm)

Location : Better. A Studio for You (4514 Liberty Avenue)

What: Change Your Story, Change Your Life : Using Journaling to Heal, Unleash and Transform

We all have stories. They are passed down in our families. Given to us by the media. Recycled in our political climate. But whose story are you really living?

In this workshop series, we will take fearless inventory of our lives and use the power of honest AF journaling to tell our stories in all their heartbreaking, beautiful glory.


This Class Is For You IF :You want to write a memoir one day, you long to journal again, you want to START journaling, you are seeking inspiration with your current writing/journaling practice, you are seeking cool groups, you have Monday nights free.

The Series ($90 for all 5 classes or $20 drop-in)

Week 1. Prologue: In this workshop, we will dig deep and see what storylines we have inherited from our families, culture, friends, etc. What has been the theme and overall dilemma of our live thus far?

Week 2. Act One: In this workshop, we will look closely at the taboos we have against being uncensored

Week 3. Surrender: We will look closely at the things we need to give up to live and write the stories we desire. Where are we suffering? What goals do we need to give up?

Week 4. The Heroine: What actions must we take to get what we really desire deep down inside? To become the heroine we always wished to be?

Week 5. Bonus Class : A reading as public ( or not) as you desire. A mini fire 🔥 ceremony.

You can pay for the class here :)

Hope to see you there,