Don’t Let the Door Hit You: 2016-A Year-End Review

2016. My friend sent me this meme:


Looks about right.

This year I turned 30, went to Nigeria to study the Goddess, sobbed in an empty movie theater on November 8th, and committed a major personal fuck-up.

It has not been a year without lessons!  In this blog post, I talk about my 2016 realizations, my releases, and what I intend for 2017 under one word. Of course, there are more major lessons that came into being, but these are the top 15 that spring to my mind.

NYE in Denver

I have realized:

  1. Managing other people makes my life unmanageable.
  2. Sometimes you can be under repair and still open for business.
  3. Setting boundaries is real adulting.
  4. Fantasies are no place to make a home.
  5. No one will give me permission.

I am releasing:

  1. Old stories
  2. Disordered ways of taking care of my body (eating, rest, etc)
  3. Needing to please
  4. Not Looking at My Own Shit
  5. Not feeling

My word for 2017 is Balance:

  1. I am dedicated to steady growth.
  2. I am dedicated to taking care of my eating/exercise needs as much as my creative desires.
  3. I am dedicated to releasing and transforming my emotional attachments.
  4. I am dedicated to truly listening to others from a place of curiosity.
  5. I am dedicated to feeling it all—good, bad, and numb. All.

I wish you all a beautiful 2017. My you realize the growth you’ve made happen. May you release all that which does not serve you. And may your intentions bring you and the world joy in 2017.

Here we go!
Here we go!




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