Dress Up Days: Hot Fun in the Summer Time


Sometimes I really forget that I don’t live in some world where chubby girls are called gorgeous and LGBTQ poet-activists issue horoscopes to thousands of people.

Social media has a bright side and that bright side is its ability to create alternative realties where negative socially ingrained ideas are challenged and discarded.

I looked through so many “every body IS a bikini body” posts and hash-tags that I forget that there are still millions of women who are sold the lie that their bodies are not “bikini bodies”. Insert eye-rolling emoji here.

Photos by Miss Missy Photography
Photos by Miss Missy Photography

It’s only when I am standing in line buying my almond milk water and I lose the battle not to look at the covers of the magazines. And then I remember:

I live in a world where women are esteemed for how fuckable they are.

I live in a world where a celebrity eating a hot dog in public is news.

I am a cog in a capitalistic regime, mindlessly buying my almond beverage.

Kinda kidding on that last one, but you get the deal: sometimes the messages out there really, really suck.


I think it’s important to remember that the world is not all la-di-da.

We got a lotta work to do.

I used to wear boy shorts and huge white shirts over my swimsuits from 14-22.

I almost always bought the plain, long-torso one-piece.

We’ve come a long way baby.

Photos by Miss Missy Photography
Photos by Miss Missy Photography

And though my bikini clad body won’t commence The Revolution, it is evidence of an internal one. I can’t wait to rock my high-cut neon thong cut next year.

Wear that damn bikini or whatever it is for you that you told yourself you “just can’t” wear.



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