Dress Up Days: The Chakras

Chakras are a word that every new-age hippie utters at some point. As in, “Oh, lower back pain you say? Must be a first chakra issue…how’s your relationship with your mom going ?” Sometimes I wonder if I even know what it means anymore. Just to be sure, I looked it up via Dr. Google:

Chakra: (in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.

Chakras are visualized as spinning vortexes of energy (the word “chakra” is Sanskrit for wheel or disk) from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The speed and openness of these vortexes is thought to contribute to a number of earthly spiritual truths and illnesses.

You can find a primer of the chakra system here.

The first chakra example from above illustrates this very well: called Muladhara, it is located at the base of the tailbone and also called the “root” chakra. As it’s name suggests, it is associated with all things pertaining to roots: family ties, being grounded, feeling certain, etc. etc. In this facet, lower back pain could be your body saying, hold up I feel disconnected and like I have no real family.


dark skinned girl squats in red dress with red lipstick and shoes on looking upward
Name: Muladhara/Root chakra. Color: Red. Location: Base of spine. Themes: Family, groundedness, security.

Chakras appealed to me strongly because of two reasons:

  1. I am no stranger to somatic pains and illnesses.
  2. They are in the same order of rainbow colors: I like rainbows.
  3. Learning about different spiritual traditions intrigues me.

    Name: Second/Svadhisthana/Sacral chakra. Color: Orange. Location: Below the navel. Themes: Power, sex, money, creativity. 

I  once went to a reiki studio near my old apartment in Fort Greene because they were holding a workshop with a title along the lines of “tuning your own chakras with reiki”. I had no idea what reiki entailed and barely knew about the world of chakras, so off I went to learn more to the tune of $15.


dark skinned girl wearing bright billowy shirt and pencil skirt with red lipstick on
Name: Third/Manipura/Solar Plexus. Color: Yellow. Location: Solar plexus, above navel. Themes: Self-worth, self-esteem, boundaries.

During one part of the class, the reiki master asked for a volunteer to perform a pendulum reading on. This is done basically how it sounds: a person lies down, the reiki person dangles a pendulum across the chakra points of the body, the person hopes that things don’t go counter-clockwise or remain in a stopped position indicating not-so great energy.

I raised my hand like the over-excited guinea pig I can be and was instructed to lie down on a long cot in front of the open-faced crowd.

dark skinned woman with locs in pompadour looks down and to the right wearing neon green tank and bright green pants and teal shoes
Name: Fourth/Anahata/Heart chakra. Color: Green or Pink. Location: Heart center. Themes: love for self, love for others.

Well, I scored well on both points of not-so-good energy. My third chakra was closed. My second chakra was spinning in this really depressing waltz backwards in time.

I smiled eagerly at the reiki master as she located optimistic tidings,

“Don’t worry, this can change,” she said.

dark skinned black woman in bright blue shirt and hi-waisted blue jeans and blue flat with hands behind her head and standing with legs spread apart. wearing turquoise jewlery
Name: Fifth/Vishudda/Throat chakra. Color: Blue. Location: Throat and neck. Themes: Expression, communication, beliefs.

I’m still in the process of changing. But, I still find myself really held onto by this ancient idea of energy. In my body, so much of this makes sense.

Though, I must offer a word(s):

If you have heart palpitations or acid reflux, you shouldn’t just be all “Ah, probably just the ol’ 4th and 3rd chakra speaking, I best get some rose quartz!” You probably need legit medical advice. Some people who swear a little too heavily on all illnesses being purely metaphysical derived in nature. I say look into both arenas: get the medical help you need and see if any of the spiritual stuff applies to you. If it feels far-fetched, than move along.

wearing two piece puple outfit with purple flower in hair and red lipstick and opening purple coat
Name: Sixth/Ajna/Third eye chakra. Color: Indigo. Location: Forehead. Themes: positive thinking, intuition.

There are all kinds of ways to heal and circulate good energy into one’s chakra points. Certain yoga poses, carrying around associated crystals, going to therapy and dealing with your dysfunctional interesting family stuff….

One of the easiest and most fun ways suggested to work/heal certain chakra issues is to dress in the colors associated with them. For people like me who love colorful styles, this advice is quite easy to follow. (As evidenced by the pictures shot by my sister included in this post.) You pick one of the many chakras to work with and you’ll dress the part.

I now make it a practice, as a writer and creative (and a person who wants only good vibrations around sex, money, and power) to wear my favorite color, orange, as much as possible. Who wants to buy me a blood-orange dress?

I encourage anyone to dig deeper into the chakras, attire is merely a start.

Still, I gotta know, what color will you be power-dressing in this coming week?*

dark skinned woman kneeling on beach in white dress in black and white picture with eyes closed
Name: Seventh/Sahasrara/Crown chakra. Color: White. Location: Crown of head  Themes: connectedness, universal conciousness, universal love. 







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