Flower Power : An Ode and Reflection on Spring

My dear friends, Spring has arrived.
Of course, for those of us some parts of the US, this can seem like some cruel joke as we still are buttoning up coats and the skies are a blanket of grey.
The Spring Equinox of 2017 occurred on March 20th and marks the official start of Spring. Spring is “yang” energy, outward displays of power, a grand awakening from the slower, deeper rhythms of Fall and Winter.
I am an Aries baby*, so I kinda love Spring.
I get seasonal allergies, so I also kinda hate Spring.
Nevertheless, she is here in all her glory. I see the green buds starting to show themselves on the once naked branches outside my window, the temperatures are finally starting to heat up with some consistency, and there’s a more fast-paced energy snaking around the world.
I also love Spring because she represents new beginnings and a chance to acknowledge all the work we put in during the Winter season.
The sign of Aries coincides with the beginning of Spring for good reason. Aries of childlike wonder and leadership, of inspiring individuality, and the start of creative projects (not always good at finishing le sigh…)
So, the question is, how can we harness this energy of Spring and move with nature rather than against it?

 Sometimes in our brick and mortar worlds, it is easy to forget we are beings made of flesh and blood who will one day (unless some tech start-up invents a real life Tuck Everlasting) become one with earth again.
The energy that is causing those trees to bloom, those first blossoms to appear is also in us.
One of the biggest lessons I learned over my personal Winter, was the power of releasing the need to please.
Though I am not perfect, I am using this Spring to honor the “buds” of growth that I do see:
I write more of what I want to write. I am posting more of the random shit that goes on in my head on Instagram. I am setting stronger boundaries in saying NO. I am taking an active role in finding the groups and people that truly make my heart soar no matter how “respectable” society says they are.
So, no, not ground-breaking, but still signs of real growth.  And I will honor them for I put in a lot of good fucking internal work during Winter and I know that I will continue to grow.
And I wish the same for you.
Here are some questions of reflection to help you honor your personal Spring:
Spring Questions for Reflection:
-How can you honor what is growing in your life this Spring?
What are the ways you are growing? What do you want to see blossom? Celebrate the fuck out of them! Write yourself a congrats letter. Get that specialty mocha at Starbucks, take a picture, journal about it. Make a concrete effort to honor the ways you have grown over the winter no matter how small they appear to you or others. Small wins are still wins.
-What is the biggest thing you learned from Winter (was it the one thing you wanted to see born in Spring)?
 What was your Winter focus or what theme did you see repeating time and time again this past Winter season? Take time to honor what has come before. Too often we rush from one season to another without giving proper love to all that it took to get us to our current state. Honor that shit.
-What is one daily or weekly practice of empowerment you can commit to?
 Spring is all about newness. This is the time to begin a new project or hobby or go on random adventures around town. What new things do you want to explore this season, big and small? The random pop-up shop down the street? Glass art? Female ejaculation? Get out there!
Of the small things, are there any that you can commit to on a more frequent basis?
-How can you bring in more nurturing, slow energy for Spring?
 It is still important to slow down on occasion during Spring, especially in the first blushings of the season. Maybe you commit to chair yoga every morning or languorous walks in the park or time to Netflix and Chill (like for real, not the excuse for a hook-up-chill). Make sure to pair the go-go-go features of this season with more relaxing experiences.
Happy Spring everyone!
*My birthday is April 13th if you want to give me present. I accept gift certificates and all-expense paid foreign vacations gladly.

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