Free Affirmation List

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We all have our days when we feel like everyone got the memo on how to be a Good Human Being except us.  Affirmations get a bad rap (and some affirmation tapes are such syrupy codeine enhanced declarations that the judgment isn’t exactly off-base). 

But then it has been said that about 99% of human thoughts are repetitive, useless, and negative.

So, let’s change that shall we?

Here are 17 of my favorite affirmations:

Click here to download the Affirmations List

These are words and questions I’ve repeated to myself even when they felt exactly the opposite of how I truly felt at the time.

These are words that get me to stop replaying the mean-spirited barbs I often entertain.

You don’t have to believe them completely at the time (chances are the awful shit you are saying to yourself isn’t 100% true either but since you have been repeating it for so damn long it feels like it is…)

How about just considering these new words? Holding them as maybe kinda true

How about yelling them with arms raised in the mirror like some marathon victor in a Tony-Robbins type growl and laughing with yourself at how funny this all is? Or printing them out on hot pink paper and folding it into your wallet?

Do with them what you will:

Say them all.

Pick one and repeat it like a mantra.

Affirm what you want to see and feel and be.

Have a happy affirmation time my friend.

Click here to download Affirmations List