Self-Help That Doesn’t Suck #5 – How to Sit

Title: How to Sit

The Break-Down: Meditation/mindfulness is popular. I’m sure you may have read an article on it’s powers recently. You sit, walk, lay down, or stand. You follow your breath or observe the going-ons around you. Most importantly: you start where you are. In this book, Thich Nhat Hahn gently explains the process of sitting.

how to sit


Why I Loved It: It’s small enough to travel with. It is simple, straight-forward and gives you good ideas to start with in the present moment. Just reading it makes me feel more at peace with the external and internal worlds around me. The chapters are about one page each and loaded with solid advice and considerations.

For You, If…: You want to start a mindfulness practice but don’t know where to go first because there’s a LOT of information out there. You travel a lot and often feel harried when you do. You want to know your own mind and deal better with life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Woo-Woo Factor: 3 out of 5 flower crowns . The language is beautiful and clear. There is also mention of the Inner Child and lots of nature imagery. Still, I have never found a better beginner’s mindfulness book.



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