Self-Help That Doesn’t Suck # 3 – Everyday Self-Love Course

Over-achieving knows no bounds.

I used to read Racialicious, Feministing, Everyday Feminism and Crunk Feminist Collective multiple times a day, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I was thirsty for knowledge after leaving the US Merchant Marine Academy, which while training future officers and merchant marines, isn’t exactly high on the humanities and social justice classes.

After a point, I cooled down on my theory love. The comments got a little too discordant and filled with petty arguments. Sometimes it was emotionally exhausting to read and then go and experience the difficulties of being a modern day black woman. Sometimes I just wanted to read Junot Diaz.

Everyday Feminism remained on my list for a longer time than the others. I liked how the site crunched down pretty difficult topics for mainstream audiences. It was also the first time I read a consistent analysis of self-care/love that included a social justice awareness. I learned so much about my patterns, limitations, unhealthy mental blocks through this course, had so many a-ha moments that Oprah would’ve been proud. And that’s why it is Self-Help The Doesn’t Suck #3.



Title: Everyday Self-Love Course

Author: Sandra Kim

The Break-Down: Creator of Everyday Feminism Sandra Kim digs deep into the unhealthy and limiting self-negating behaviors we practice. The course is self-paced over four weeks and has over 1,500 alumni. You also get lifetime access to the program AND there are scholarships available. (Though I will say the course is pretty affordable considering what you receive.)

Why I Loved It: Kim’s down-to-earth truly authentic spirit really held the course well. She didn’t pretend that she was perfect or hide her healing. You could really choose to take your time over certain aspects and the meditations included were pretty eye-opening.

“Self-Love” and “Self-Care” are thrown around so much these days that they have quickly become parodies; as if hating the shit out of yourself or perpetual self-disparagement was “cool”.

It is not.

Hating and judging yourself harshly is a time-waster and a deeply sad, tired way to live. There is so shame in being like, well, fuck that.

This course was all about facing these self-hating parts of our minds and emotions with compassionate ease.

For You, If…: You dig on-line courses and want more of a community than a book. You want to learn to love yourself more but don’t know where to start. You want a self-care approach that takes into account the toxic elements of the society we live in.

Woo-Woo Factor: 1 out of 5 aromatherapy vials:  There isn’t a lot of “woo” in this course. Most of what Kim presents is secured deep in trusted cognitive-behavioral psychology and feminist/anti-racist theory. You will NOT need chakra charms.